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Default Help me! When is my voice going to crack.

I am 15 years old and turning 16 in July. I am 5' 1/2'' possibly 5' 2'', i have an adequate amount of pubic hair i do shave it and i have a little amount of arm pit hair which i can see but a person from like 7 feet might not, my mother swears to God that my voice has cracked or deepened but my friends are always like "i dont want to listen to you and your high voice". I have a visible mustache but not enough to shave it or it's not that visible and i have hair on my arms and legs but it isn't that noticeable especially on my hands but i have hair no where else (other than head of course ). Also i don't recall having wet dreams but i do ejaculate a fair amount of semen. Lastly, I am pretty physically skinny and weak and probably have very little muscle. What stage of puberty am I at and when is my voice going to crack or deepen it is very very embarassing. Also is there something i can eat or take that might speed up the process.

Thanks so much!
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