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Default Lil glance?

Hey Everyone,

Was hoping that someone could take a glance at some of my issues, and tell me if i'm just thinking myself into schizophrenia(placebo) or if i should really get it checked out.

probably should just put examples of the what schizophrenia is with my answers to them:

1. trouble telling dreams from reality, i wake up, go about a normal day and then fall asleep. the next "day" i wake up, i am informed that it is the day i imagined i just had. (made school schedule kinda difficult...but yeah,studying by myself now to finish high school)

2. seeing things and hearing voices which are not real, Heard ona few seperate incidents my name being whispered in my ear, but when i jump around to see who it is there is no near or about at all.

Occasionally walk down the street and something really weird happens: recently was walking through the city and this woman did some weird movements like a dance whilst looking me in the eye and sang "2,5,2". wondering if that really happened i turned to look at her after she had passed me, but saw no reaction from her as if it didn't

3. confused thinking, Had it for as long as i can remember my thoughts(if that makes sense): i have conflicting or contradicting thoughts. it's not as if i come up with an answer, and then discover it is wrong, more that all are right depending on your viewpoint. and it seems that usually several viewpoints apply to me and i cant single out any that is the true me's viewpoint

4. vivid and bizarre thoughts and ideas, Well my plans for the future seemed very logical for me, aiming a bit high(kinda attempting to change the world sorta thing) but my best friend said that i should just get a normal job and just make myself happy, and that my idea is the most illogical plan she's ever heard (she's usually fairly open to alternative lifestyles so it isn't the unusualness of a plan that threw her off)

5. extreme moodiness, doesn'T need much explination. One moment i'm on top of the world, then a word,comment or question by someone close to me can throw me into depression, even if the words spoken werent meant as criticism

6. odd behavior, i kind of take fun in creating confusion in others, or making them feel uncomfortable or awkward(nothing bad just slightly). most of my friends say that they cant see the hilarity in it but *shrug*

7. ideas that people are "out to get them," don't really have this one. sort of sometimes get a fear in dark enclosed places thinking that a monster will jump out at me. seems silly, but my heart starts racing and everything. rarely happens outside. comes and goes at random.

8. behaving like a younger child, Um happens every now and again. Never really worried about this, my parents went through a messy divorce which is still greatly affecting my life so i passed it off as being childish and hyper cause i wasn't able to while i was younger. (usually very quiet, so is seen as strange behaviour by a few of my friends)

9. severe anxiety and fearfulness, well the dark thing as mentioned earlier, then sometimes i heard doors being opened in the next room, go check it out, but theres no one there. happens with weird thuds and stuff that usually happen close outside the door of the room im in

10. confusing television with reality, around friends i am about to remind them of a hilarious time we had, when i realise that it is actually from that 70s show (passed this off because i used to have t70ss playing on the computer as i fell asleep, so figured it was going in the subconscious that way)

11. severe problems in making and keeping friends. Well this is pretty much why i posted this here. I usually have problems making close friends who i can trust.

And well basically i greatly upset my best friend over the last week or so. I blamed this on her probably having her period or something(never noticed a change in her behaviour before, so this seemed a bit strange) but then recently i started wondering if maybe i perceived everything the wrong way and i was deceiving myself to such an extent that i just saw her acting strangely when it was actually me...

Anyways, if anyone bothered to read it all, or any of it, thanks very much. If anyone feels like leaving any comments, good or bad, please do. Thanks.
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