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Default Wanting to gay pash with friend

I want to pash and feel my friend, because I want to know what it is like to be gay, I am attracted and liking the idea of a gay pash. Cos I want to pash and feel him in a toilet cubicle, but not like actually touching his penis - i.e. hand to skin. Just like touching him in 'places' and putting my hand down his pants and feeling. Is this normal for guys to do? Does this mean I am gay?
IS THIS ACTUAL SEX? If I enjoyed it does it mean I am gay? If I want to do it again does it mean I am gay? IF YOU POST A REPLY TELL ME IF YOU HAVE WANTED TO DO THIS, AND IF YOU HAVE DID YOU ENJOY IT AND WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN? DID YOU END UP DOING IT AGAIN? Please help! I really need help with this!
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