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Default Puberty Update

hey guys, i just recently turned 17 on march (date) 2007, birth day is 1990. im 5'9'' (still growing). some armpit hair, not alot, but you can see it in the mirrow and up close it looks like the makings of a forest, but from afar it just looks like a few strands, when in reallity it's like 30-40 strands, just not a bush. i have a good amount of hair in my pubic region, probably around stage 3 1/2 - 4. im starting to grow facial hair on the chin, side burns and moustache. not thich brown hairs, but translucent hairs on the sidburns, brown thick hairs on the moustache and a few brown thick hairs on the chin, but the rest are translucent hairs. i shave them about once a week to two weeks (speaking about that, i heard shaving them makes it grow faster, but my friends tell me i should grow it so it grows thicker, but i heard shaving makes it grow in thicker). but yea, people tell me i look around 15, 2 years late bloomer. i started puberty around late 13 to early 14. i have adult leg hair, up close but from afar it looks like baby legs. lol. but my main problem is, my penis is about 4'' - 4 1/2'' erect. am i just naturally going to have a small penis? or will it grow. ill be 20 in no time and i don't want a -5'' penis. but, if that's what genetics planned out for me, that's cool. keep in mind ill be 20 in 3 years so i mean, that's plenty of time for it to grow. i just need some reassurance that it WILL grow, lol. guys and their penis... i swear.
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