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Originally Posted by Kyle13UK View Post
A covicted murderer escapes prison...He breaks into a young couples house. After tying up the couple, he looks over at the wife and pushes her onto the bed..He whispers in her ear.. He then walks slowly into the bathroom. After he leaves the room the husband quietly speaks to his wife. Pssst...Honey..He appears very interested in you. He looks like the vicious escaped killer we heard about. He probably hasnt had sex in years. Just do everything he asks..Please him in every way possible. He may let us go. And remember honey. I love you. Take one for the team.. His wife looked back. Honey. He whispered in my ear. He said he thinks your cute, and where is the vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Oh, and remember honey....I LOVE YOU TOO...
Haha nice. One word sums that up.... Whey!

The companion cube is stuffed with dead test subjects D:
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