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I'm sorry that you feel that way lynn..and I'm sorry for the hell I've caused you by trying to be a friend. I was more than willing to make amends with you...I just needed a few days to sort though everything you said..and did to not only me. I'm deeply sorry that you didn't see it that way....Just know that I never called or thought you to be any of those horrible things you told me in the pm you sent me. I'm telling you this on your thread because you're frozen and probably won't be able to check your private messages...and I'm not retarted, so I know you can check these forums out even if you're not signed in. So if, by chance, you check virtual teen one last can hear this from me. Do with it what you wish..f me off like you did in your pm..or shoot me an email, im me, msn me, so that we can talk about whatever we need to, to get back on the same page and refurnish our friendship. Which ever you choose, please know that I don't want my inspiration to you to be in vain. I care for you and I always have since the moment I met you and your seemingly insurmountable problems. Please remember that we fought through them together. Also remember that the next time you tell me to fuck off..or rot in hell that I will never stop wishing the best for you.

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