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heres another one called the rubber ducky story:

there was a boy and he was wlaking home from school and this girl says, "can i walk home with you?", and the boy says, "no." so she yells "ill tell my mommy!" and the boys like"ok." (im gonna stop screwing aorund with quotes, this is too long fer that) so they go, and the girl says, can we have sandwiches together, nd the boys liek no, and the girl shouts ill tell my mommy! and the boy goes ok ok. then shes like can we take a shower together, and the boys like NO! and the girl shouts ill tell my mommy! and he says ok ok, when theyre in the shower the boy says dont look down, and the girl asks why, and he says because my rubber ducky is down there, and she says ok, when theyre done, she says can we take a nap together, and the boy says no, and she shout ill tell my mommy, and he says ok ok, and so he wakes up and says where am i? and she says, your rubby ducky spit at me, so it bit it off!
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