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Default HELP!!! my friend and i are in a huge fight

sorry. It's just one of my good friends is beginning to treat me like shit. ive been a little more deffensive than i usually would. She won't tell me anything and then she complains that i'm not listening to her problems so i can help her. This girl is practically my sister. I don;t get her. She gets pissed @ me for nothing. Her boyfriend isn't dropping out of highschool and she posted a bulletin saying how happy she was. I replied sayin "im glad for both of you." etc. All the cheesy stuff and she replies sayin "um don't talk to me." Idk what is going on with her. but wat she is basically doing is making a whole bunch of new friends and pushing me out of the picture. Whenever i try to be a part of the picture and talk to her and have a civilized conversation with her she bitches at me for nothing. Then she goes off on how "she doesn;t care about my non existant love life" but she comes tome with her relationship issues and expects me to care. I'm just considering right now leaving a friend i have had since the 4th grade because the only thing she is doing is blowing me off and bitching at me and being a hypocrit. It's depressing me. Please help...

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