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Originally Posted by *lynn* View Post
i'm leaving this site. i have decided that this place doesn't really help people, it just reassures you that yes there are other fucked up people in the world, and really that doesn't help. everryone thinks that they can help each other, when really you can't b/c you don't really know the person, or if you start to get close they'll just turn their back on you and then accuse you of the same shit. well fuck you messed up people. i don't care anymore. you are all fucked up and insane and full of shit. so have great fucked up lives, bye.

wow, sounds like you are angry about something...what about? you should stay and get some help b/c it seems like you still need some...but what do i know? but if you stay you ahould be nicer b/c it kinds sounds, just from this post, that you are a jerk. hope your life works out okay.
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