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Default Re: bedwetting anyone?

i used to regularly wet the bed until about 8 or 9. i do it VERY rarely now, and its only if i drink like 32oz of fluid before bed, which is perfectly normal.

he will be able to decrease his problem if he doesnt drink fluids before bed. that will decrease it a lot.

tell him what i said if he does it again...but that can make him feel uncomfortable to talk about it. or, what you can do, is make him feel really happy, is to drink a lot before bed at his house, causing you to wet the bed, and then you will be like, "oh i heard if you dont drink liquids and go to the bathroom before you go to bed, then you wont pee the bed. please dont tell anyone though"

that will make him able to think that his problem isnt as bad as he thinks.
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