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Unhappy my dad hurts me.

i am kind of new here. i joined about a month ago but i haven't got on here much. my dad hurts me. he hits me and punches me and at night he comes into my room and molests me. i know that what he does is wrong, i know it. but i have tried to tell my school counselor and she didn't believe me because my dad is on the school board. i went to the police and told them and they came out to our house and talked to my dad. they left laughing. that night i got a beating so bad, it was horrible. i couldn't go to school for a week. no one believes me. i don't know what to do. i want to kill him but i know i can't. i don't want to go to hell. i guess what i am trying to do is ask if anyone can give me the courage to try again to get help. i have tried and it hasn't worked and i have given up hope. so i need the courage and the faith to try again i guess. but i don't know how to get it.

thanks for any help or anything else.
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