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Default Sunday

Ok you know how Sunday is like the day of Jesus and living in the western world its the prodominant religion which means where I am anyway EVERYTHING is fucking closed on Sunday!! God forbid its the day of Jesus so getting milks a sin
Now i'm not a religious man but I have no problem with other people practising whatever religion makes them happy we live in a free world that we fought hard to earn.....But who the fuck are you to turn your views into my laws! (allot of areas bussiness are not allowed to be open on sunday)
Its not even supposed to be sunday the sabbath is supposed to be on a Saturday they changed it cause it wasent convienant
add that to the fact that the majority of people work from monday to friday and in the oilfeild espically its REALLY long hours like waking up at 3am and not being home till 9am the next morning...rather common working weekends etc... so when you finally do get time off how come you cant do any errands or get food have some fun etc... because god forbid you do something on sunday


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