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Question hallucinations??

Ok, ive been having some problems lately.I think I was hallucinating...not sure where this post should be..but this is freaking me out.I probably should explain what happened...for the last couple weeks I have been seeing this little girl in my room. I just suspected she was a ghost (we have lots of ghosts in my house, and my whole family has seen them). But then in the last few days she started to say crap...cant remember exactly what she has said..just that it scared the hell out of me. Still assumed that she was a ghost or something. But then yesterday, i started feeling dizzy and layed down on our couch and she stood on the other side of the room. Same girl..but this time covered in blood. I screamed and started yelling to my parents, who apparently didnt see anything. Now they think im crazy..and im starting to believe them. Any help/advice?
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