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Default Re: The "This is where I am, am I normal?!" Sticky!

Originally Posted by MikeHunt View Post
Hiya, I'm 14, and around 5'3". I have an erect 5.5 in. penis and my balls are somewhat dark but not growing much. I only have pubic hair, which is pretty dense but not really curly. I barely have any leg hair, and its barely visible.

I know all u guys are gonna say im normal,, but how far along through puberty am i?

Hmm not really sure or easy to tell, but you're certainly on the right track! Since puberty ends arond the late 20s, you could grow alot until then!! So even if I can't tell you how far along puberty you are, you still have some growing to go and you're in great shape right now! =]
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