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i am totally in love with my boyfriend, and i would do anything 4 him. he's hlped me so much with my cutting and not eatting and with my self-esteem. but he gets mad over the simplest things. like me staying up lat and just over nothing at all. like he'll do somthing and then take it out on me, which kinda scares me cuz i used 2b in an abusive relationship. he is very compeditive also like we go bowling a lot with somwe of our friends and if he messes up he gets mad and if i try 2 help he chews me out.but he always comes back and says hes sorry. and about a week ago he told me hes been flirting w/ some girl from school, see i'm home schooled this year but still have a lot of friends at school so, ya know they told me they thoght he was cheating on me.
he says he dosen't like her but yet he was flirting with her?????
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