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Default Re: Revamping Some Forum Descriptions

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Yeah, but the way it is now isn't that different. I'm sure that forum will attract those kinds of people no matter what with discussions allowed about jacking off with friends and pretty much anything else. Face it that forum is an attraction for sick people and I think adding a note about sex ed won't make i worst but if legit people can see it's allowed they'll know they can ask their question.
I know what you are saying. But I think people are already asking Sex Ed. questions as it is and I believe, or at least it should be, in an announcement or sticky there as well. So I think the highlighting of that fact in the description is unecessary.

Originally Posted by DouggyO.o
i was thinking, cant we make the forums private to those who have not signed up? or at least the puberty ones.
I don't think that would work well. Because people I think, want to have a look around before they join, to try and see what the place is all about. If they cant do that then I think a lot of people might not join.

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