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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
Who are you again?
Aperantly you've been here since Jan but I gotta be honest I JUST noticed you
they say first impressions are the most important...I gotta say you did a shitty job
fuckin n00bs -shakes head-

Where you ever molested?
Where you ever physically used and abused for the sick and twisted pleasure of someone bigger and stronger then yourself?
Have you ever been forcefully touched?
Used, hurt, abused, confused?

then shut up your embarrassing yourself

why is he allowed to use this insulting language towards me? i do not appreciate that very much.

also, how would you know that i havent been sexually abused? exactly, you dont. but, you do now...i havent been. the point is, if i had been sexually abused, then what you said there would have made me very emotionally upset. you should be more careful around subjects that can be very emotionally harmful to others.

Please learn how to use 'were' instead of 'where'. It helps to act smarter than the opponent that you are arguing over.

but yes, i was previously MNHockey11.
i am pretty popular in this forum so look around and your most likely to see me.
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