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Default Re: Can I change this?

okay, Jess. let me ask you a question.

are you sexually attracted to Bill Kaulitz?

if the answer is yes, then you are straight, or bisexual.
if the answer is no, then you are lesbian or bisexual.

i watched a show on some channel that was about Asexuality. there is an organization that is for all Asexual people. my opinion is, that it doenst necessarily exist. I know you are probably thinking that you know more about it than i do, but for this case, i did a lot of research, which leaves me in a confident state to advise on this issue.

have a whole day dedicated to just thinking about sex, and anything sexual, with any gender. you have also told me that you have had a couple boyfriends in the past. think about that as well.

if you dont like any physical contact, it doesnt mean that you are asexual, it means that you are not comfortable with the idea and possibility of sex. maybe you feel it is too dangerous, or that it would be a scary first time. whatever the case, just have a day where you research Asexuality a lot and you psychologically think to yourself whether you are straight, bi, or lesbian. i am sure that by the end of the day, you will be one of the 3.
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