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Originally Posted by nancypelosi101 View Post
Hi i am almost 16, a male, and noticed that my body type is not developing the way it should be. i have broad shoulders relative to my waist, but not my hips. i think my rib cage is too small.

is this normal in puberty? i have a lot of leg hair, pubic hair, butt hair, nipple hair, so i expect my body to be mature, but it doesnt look that way. my testicles are about half of maximum size, so i dont think i have anyything like klinefelter's syndrome.

anyways, i just want to know if im normal or if i should get myself examined, or my testosterone levels checked.


-a concerned teen
Hey, it's good that you want to get help in all, but you shouldn't post the same post in a thread and create a new thread for the topic. You have to pick one and you already have a post in the "am I normal" sticky. I already answered, you can read my answer if you want...

And btw, I'm not sure what Pinkie'll do about this so he may just leave this thread be...
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