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Default stick figure

i'm scared

for all anorexics out there


i don't want people to hurt themselves

or kill themselves

just to be something as stupid as thin

(now i'm sounding hypocritical)

but i mean really

would i wish what i've gone through

on anyone else?

i sure wouldn't and it scares me how close

to death

i really came.

it hurts me too, how much i hurt my family

how every night

my mother would check to make sure i was still breathing

and cry herself to sleep knowing that i might not make it through the night

it scares me.

our fucking media is so focused on thiness

and perfection

that we lose ourselves in the quest

the quest to be a stick figure

what a stupid quest

why not something better

like finding a cure for AIDS

or ending world hunger

but no,

we must focus on how good the movie stars look today

or oh my gosh

what they did

but even how scared it made me

and how fucking thin it made me


you never made me happy

and it never will.

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