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Default It's getting worse.

I'm not sure whether this should be here or in cutting and self harm as suicide. Move if you think I am wrong.

I have Split Personality Disorder. Up until recently, (a few months ago) I could cope. I was always in control. But in the last week, I have gone downhill rapidly. I am now in control barely 9/10 of the time. I know that might not sound bad, but if I lose control when people are around, He will start attempting to kill them. I have made him promise not to hurt my family, but can't extend this protection further, not even to my closest freinds.

I am now getting to think that everone would be safer without me around. I tried to kill myself when it started, but no luck. I need ideas as to what I can do. (By the way, I have given up on my psycologist as she didn't believe that I had this.) At the moment whenever I feel this way I will ring up freinds and talk, but that is hard because of the stuff going on at home. Any ideas are welcome.

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