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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Ok i was interested in a topic similar to this not to long ago... had to do with psych class and stuff....

was reading aticles about pedos and their personality... Well yes what they do is considered wrong byt he majority of people... some articles written by the pedos showed some interesting insights into their way of life... Most pedos will never willingly HURT a child... they become firends with the child and "I would ask.. and if a child said no then i would never touch them..."

i'll agree it's twisted but just saying they all need to die... if just wrong... because you said that i'm gonna peg you as a serial killer and lock you up to.... so have fun

I see more news things and cases about people having pictures of naked children... meaning they hadn't touched any kids that people knew of but they had pictures which is also illegal

What if these guys had pictures to distract themselves from the real kids that went around to try and stop themselves from ever going out and hurting a kid.

Bleh... now i'm gonna be murdered by almost all of you as well.

oh one last thing from the article

Most pedos when they find out the child is gonna tell will run instead of threatening the child... "many parents sho found out that i was playing with their kids didn't call the cops... they just told me to go away. and i would leave"

Pedos target kids by being nice to them... becoming their best buddy and getting them to agree to everything... they want the kids to be happy...

ONE LSAT POINT.... what i just said is in NO WAY a reflection of 100% of the ones out there. so if you reply saying anything to that degree i will ignore anything you said cause you will not be worthy of a response.
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