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Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Excuse me?! I'm not 12, but I'd sure like to play through those games. Just what makes you think that they're made for such a young age anyway?

Actually, that's what Nintendo is not trying to do. Nintendo has made this console to appeal to all ages and both genders. That is something that neither Microsoft or Sony can imagine. They both target for the age around 18 and usually only appeal to males. The funny thing is, to make youngsters feel older, they play these games. So when you're getting torn up by "TEH_PWNXOR" on Halo 3, you can be assured it's some 10 year old trying to play with the "big boys."

This comment is so true. lol me and a few friends used to play these games but we have gotten vbored of them as they go older... they are a quick study and when we were 12. well i was medicore... but my friend was pretty much godlike. he's so good he has been banned for hacking in counterstrike.... with out actually needing to hack. of course he;s a tech freak, so had a good mouse and adjusted the sensitivity to make it a perfect fit for him...

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Yep, that's been out for a while... Not sure if the one I saw had Spanish credits or not though. Anyway, yeah, the PS3 is nothing compared to the Wii. I think that's why Sony was proposing to make a firmware update to allow the PS3 to use the Wiimote lol
Sony making an update so PS3 can use Wiimote.... was that an OFFICIAL announcemoent or a joke by some people who said it would make the system better.... nintendo would also have to allow this for them to do it... and if sony did this... they would be doomed. period.

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
ps3 will be a great system when they come out with some more good games. thats something that ps3 has over the wii because i honestly dont see the wii coming out with any ground breaking titles any time soon.
I AGREE here... It's the reason i haven't gotten my next gen system yet! i have the money, i'm waiting a year! reason why! because we can;t judge ANY of them until the end of this year... I just heard of a RPG called Blue Dragon. (i think) exclusive on the XBOX 360 made by the same people who made chrono trigger. (or was it cross. whihc everone was the better one. i still want to play that game ><)

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Super Smash Brothers: Brawl? Metroid Prime 3? Zelda: Twilight Princess (which is already out)?

Those titles seem to be better than anything Sony has even offered for the PS3. Plus, the PS3 isn't failing just because of lack of titles... it costs WAY too much for what it's actually worth, the thing eats electricity like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it's incredibly huge for a video game console. Those are just a few of the many reasons it's doing so horribly.

Though I'd like to bring up something. Although the XBox 360 has been out for over a year and several months, and the Wii has been out for just the several months, the Wii sales have already reached about half the sales of the XBox 360. The PS3 isn't even at a fifth.

Oh, but I must say, I do enjoy having my community think even more poorly of us gamers thanks to the crap Sony has been putting out for the PS3. Have you seen the "This is living" commercials? Pure nonsense. My neighbor said this just the other night after watching one of those commercials "That shows what goes on in your heads... You're losing touch with reality more and more with each day." His comment was toward all gamers... So now, not only does Sony make the fan-boys have to choke on the $600 price tag, but gaming communities are being insulted by the commercials Sony is launching for their console... it's ridiculous...


Sorry.. had a hard day at work..
Originally Posted by 0= View Post
The solution is to get a Wii and an Xbox 360, it costs the same as one PhailStation 3

As for you 2 !!! BS. sony yeah has a $600 price tag.... ok now xbox 360 is cheaper? hell... add the prices of all the accessories for xbox 360 and it comes out more expensive... ... the larger hard drive... the dvd player... and the other stuff and it's pretty even with the Sony PS3.... sony just sells it all bundled together...

Nintendo is the cheapest system... but the controllers are probably the most expensive...

As for that person who said Super smash bros... Zelda And mario... was for kids... Get outta here. you are NOT a real gamer :p.... Currently Mario is by far the top money making RPG character of all time. Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy are THE names for RPG's.... HALO... is FPS... simple easy game design... period... nothing new comes out in FPS... mostly because if you did something too new it wouldn;t be an FPS game anymore. you get better graphics and thats about it...

Oh btw... i'm a freshman in college. well there is a TV in a lounge area and i hook up my gamecube there everyday... and have about 20+ people coming in to watch and or play... people who are 19-30 lol and older. and quite a few people get to play for their first time there. forget the booze and whatever else. all you need is a fun games thats easy to understand to throw a great party...
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