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Default Re: 10 advantages of ADD

Eh i feel like replying to each section and how they each apply to me

1. The Ability to Hyperfocus.

True Current task. rewiring the network in my house so we have a decent speed internet. of course the fact i'm learning how to do that while i'm doing it makes it a lot of fun, even if not as efficient as it could be.

2. Rapid Fire Mind.

You may consider this a positive side... but while my brain go fast... my mouth is slow. meaning i skip a lot of the connecting info between one idea and another which causes mass confusion to those around me. Though i have to say that my friends and family have gotten better at following the twisted path of thoughts that i speak. (PS: i advise you to never think aloud... )

3. Multitasking at Will.

hm 14 windows. i play online games and it takes up a bit too much RAM to do it all on one computers, luckily i have a laptop and desktop computer so i have a game running on each of those and on PS2 at same time... (all MMOG's)

4. High Energy Level.

14 hours days? i do 72. then sleep for 12 hours, then another 72 or more. Started getting yelled at for being so unhealthy i took up Cross Country as a sport (you run about 8 miles a day) meant atleast i could fall asleep at night.

5. Highly Creative.
(not for me. i can never come up with something from scratch. though... i can do great revisions.)

6. Quick Learner.

Doesn't even have to be something i'm interested in really.... i just learn everything. on the other hand. doesn't mean i'm gonna do that homework. i'm just gonna learn it because it might be relevant... one day.

7. Stimulus Seeking Brain.

If you are a tech person. you know what dual core processor is. (2 processors in one. meaning really fast) well i heard a rumor about one being developed that is 80 processors in one. until that one comes out. all computers are slow.... which is why i work on 2-3 comps at once. more when sisters need me to fix theirs. (i've done 6 at once and still thought it was slow ><)

8. Constantly Scanning your Environment.

True. I listen and watch... and constantly amaze people in what i remember months afterwards... fun

9. Great in a Crisis.

Depends on the type of chaos.... well actually no it doesn't, i'm great with anytype of chaos. i don;t make perfect order out of it... main reason is i'm not assertive enough to get people to listen to me. i just calm everything down and then someone else does the final polish

10. Risk Taker.

Hm Risk taker..... If you refer back to number 2... rapid fire mind. I'm not a risk taker. But analysis paralysis never happens either... for the one reason i think of about 20 options weigh benefits and cons of each and take a path in about half a second...

Fun. not sure if i have ADD or ADHD. no one has diagnosedd me because parents don;t need a doctor to bother with it (i guess i should say no professional doctor has diagnosed me. all my teachers and parents think i have it and i see no reason to disbelieve em. so. eh
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