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Default Re: problem down south

ok, last year i had random pains in my balls, sometimes it would be more intense than others. yea it was ther efor like 4 days then i went to the doctors (it wasnt blue balls cus i masturbated) and i guess maybe my ballls hurt for a day andi got nervous and kept thinking about it so they still hurt. after i went to the doctors, i got thm checked and she said there's nothing that apppears to b wrong, so the next day i woke up w/ no pain, no pain like it since. if the pain's still there and uve jerked off(meanin its not blueballs) id go to the doctor to make sure it isnt anything, its hard at first, i nkow, but if u think ur mom 'll wonder why, say u have like a stomach ache and u have a weird pain in ur lower stomach. go into the examination room, say uve got some weird pains in ur groion, she'll/he'll ask if u have pain in ur testicles and u say yes, they probaly examine them quickly and if nothing's wrong they'll say so and its a HUGE weight off ur chest is offline