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Default Re: When did you first start looking at porn?

i started looking at porn pretty early. at first it was like i stumbled upon something, then i liked it, then i liked it more, then i loooked at it on purpose then i just look at it to get turned on (i know what im doing at this point), i probably saw my first bit of porn when i was at the earliest, 9. i started knowing what i was looking at around 10-11. my dad found my notebook w/ like 3 porn clippings i printed out from online and cutout to put in the book( ahahhaha) when i was 11. im straight, if looked at gay porn once, maybe twice just to experience what it's like, idk if a stragiht person would find lots of pleasure looking at gay porn, dont worry. many people can find themselves curious/confused and may be aroused by gay porn, u tend to ususaly be too young during puberty to relaly know if ur gay, only u urself will know if ur gay is offline