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Default Re: Weird Thoughts... Help!

im 14, i lift everyday but wednesdays (mon-fri) in my school weight rooom, u should learn this year or the next how to lift. also, eat healthy, dont skip meals. eat healthy and hearty if u want to put on weight that can be turned into muscle, dont skip dinner, go to a friends house and eat candy, that wont get u what u want. learn how to lift, keep ur cardio up by running, some people will find it hard to gain weight/muscle cus they have real high metabolisms, if u expereince this u can talk w/ ur doc. to figure out what u can do . and really, u've got a LONG time to go. i know, im pretty big but id like bigger msucles still and everything, but thats what drives me to work out. its good motivation, once u get older u can supplement, but always check w/ ur doctor before u start anyting, pm me if u have more questions is offline