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Default Re: Please Help I Think Im Gay

It seems like sexuality is a very big deal to you kmjaemo, and I'll be honest...sexuality is a big deal. It's what defines us as sexual beings..and I'll be honest, it's what a lot of people criticize and hate if one's sexual orientation is not in accordance with the social norm. I know exactly what you are feeling. For the longest time I used to think that I was gay and I was afraid of it..and myself. When I was 14, I tried to hide my sexuality issues, so I started hangin out with seem normal. I knew I had a sexual preference to boys, but I started to have the same feelings for girls too. That's when I figured out that I am bi. Honestly, I was..and sort of still am ashamed of my sexuality...mainly because I live in an ultra homo-hating environment. I even tried to kill myself..more than once for being bi....Sexuality can be so cruel sometimes, but I guess you don't have to let it dominate you. It can make your life a living in the case of mine, but it can also be beautiful and make you feel overpowering rapture for a significant mine has done for me too. If you ever want to talk about sexuality and it's whirlwind of seemingly insurmountable problems, or just in general, you can PM me any time. I will answer back.

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