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Default Re: Revamping Some Forum Descriptions

In relation to the description of Puberty101 I don't think we need to put in the description the fact that we allow Sex Ed. questions. For the simple reason that the wrong people could look and see that and think "Oh teens talking about sex, fantastic!"

I would be in favour for the removing of the statement "(Puberty questions only)". I think we had it removed at one stage, can't really remember. But I think we could remove that.

The stickies and FAQ's I had a quick look at and I think they are looking good, and they have massive views as well so I think they are serving their purpose. But the Mods there should keep updating them regularly, so it's always helping. But I think they are good.

The Mental Illness forum I suppose could do with an update of description. Seeing as its pretty basic at the moment.

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