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Default Re: Ultrasound required before abortion

I gotta admit in country just flat out needs them to much
Canada is two thirds dependant on immigration for population growth
theres very few of us like me that were actually born here

that aside
i think that it should require both parents consent before an abortion happens
right now for the most part if a father wants the child and the mother dosent
the dad stands by helpless while his childs killed

speaking as a guy
thats terrifying
if i ever have a kid I want the kid!
if the mum wants NOTHING to do with it after its born fine i'll take care of everything she wont have to do a thing, pay a thing, nothing

my cuz is a teen mum and she has the cuttiest lil boy i've ever seen
BRIGHT blonde hair and BIG light blue eyes

mum n dad have already told me n katie that if soemthing happens
they will help us out

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