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Default Re: Please Help I Think Im Gay

Originally Posted by kmjaemo View Post
i think i might not be gay
and i hope i am not gay
ive never really enjoyed the fact of having SEX with men
I always like girls, despite the fact that it doesnt get me horny
but some guys like really attract me
but i still like girls, although I never get horny cuz of them
and when I think about having sex with guys, I sort of gget disgusted
but when i think about having sex with females.. well... i dont get horny, but I dont get disgusted at that

is it possible that i might not be gay, and time will tell the answer? Is this just a phase before I develop my true sexuality of straightness?
Just wait! Time will tell.....

- Never take anything for face value, never trust the system and never put up with an answer that you don't agree with. It's about time people realised the truth of this world.

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