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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

Originally Posted by 0= View Post
Moving to Canada FTW!
you mean mexico

Canada dosent want you
were at war to our guys are dying out there right now and we want this war over NOW but thats just not gonna happen
Enlistment in Canada is actually really high

and so far the deserters that have come to canada have been deported back to america

were under a conservative government and our own guys are dying
we wont take deserters


I think the idea of a draft is retarted
but then again Canada dosent have one
we tried almost brought us to civil war during world war 2...that would have been...bad

see in america if your government asks you to join enlistment is low so they draft you and it sky rockets
in canada when the government asks for men and women enlistment sky rockets but if they ever try a draft it plumets and leads to MAJOR civil unrest

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