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Default Re: Sexual predator attraction Theory??

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
to go back toriginal statement

pedophilia IS a choice, just like homosexuality is a choice, but thats a different forum, so leave that alone in here.

if i wanted to, i could go and have sex with children, but i know the consequences of doing that, so im not going to.

pedophiliacs are only pedophiles because they cant get laid by people their age, so they go to younger kids who think sex is cool, or unknown to them.

i dont think they should be killed right away or anything, i think after 3 sexual offenses, then serious punishment is needed. Pedophiliacs can change if they wanted to, so only a reasonable punishment is required, to teach them that what they are doing isnt looked upon as acceptable.
Who are you again?
Aperantly you've been here since Jan but I gotta be honest I JUST noticed you
they say first impressions are the most important...I gotta say you did a shitty job
fuckin n00bs -shakes head-

Where you ever molested?
Where you ever physically used and abused for the sick and twisted pleasure of someone bigger and stronger then yourself?
Have you ever been forcefully touched?
Used, hurt, abused, confused?

then shut up your embarrassing yourself

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