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Default Chemical Burn

Yesterday was alright. Today.. horrible.

I've tried my painting, I've tried sleep. I've tried talking to friends because I can't talk to her.

Why does she have to be here? I dont want her here and no one else does either.

why chemical burn? once i tried the whole.. burning with house hold items...... it didnt hurt me then.. but now.. it feels amazing.. better than cutting to me.

after i cut it wouldnt hurt. my arm would just go numb. but now the burn keeps hurting. the raised up skin on my legs, the red circle around where the ice was laid. wonderful.

will she find out? probably. then again when she sees all of me.. shes no looking at my legs..

will she get mad? probably. but then shell know why im mad.

will she get over it? of course because she loves me and i love her. always will. no one will stop that. but of course..there are those trying.

this probably doesnt make sense. but i need someone, anyone to help me stop and to talk to.

IM me if you feel the want: n0m0r3feeling

"You know the day I did it, I took two razorblades into the bathtub. You know why? Because I knew that once I started to bleed, Id get weak. And I didnt want to drop one blade and leave myself half done. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine hating your life so much that you wanna bring a back up razor?"


Only once the drugs are done.
That I feel like dying
...I feel like dying

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