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THE BEST METHOD that most people use is the "stop and go" method. It may not be the best but it's certainly way up there (trust me....I know!!). The basic idea is to masturbate normally (up and down, whatever) and then STOP when you feel the orgasm coming. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep yourself from coming (ie thinking about something else, taking your hands away from the "vital areas")! If you do this correctly the orgasm feeling will start to go away. When this happens START UP AGAIN! You'll probably get closer to orgasm now, but STOP AGAIN like you did the first time. It will be hard, but the more times you stop, the better the final orgasm will be! People also reported that they ejaculate more when they finally come with this method!

I found this one on and found everyone who posted a review of it LOVED IT! I personally give it 10/10, five stars, or a hero cookie, or whatever you prefer!

lol....I'm stupid...
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