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Originally Posted by Giga Smashes View Post
just go into wallgreens or something and some condoms they dont care at all. really they dont. they dont even give u a wierd look. i first got them when i was 13 (14 now) and i didnt get any wierd look or anything. parents never found out, she didnt tell anyone, u dont have to worry about it, just buy some condoms its no big deal at all. and its the saffest thing to do to not get her pregnent

i think he can do it if he wants . . . i did and i wasnt like fucked up or anything.
You don't know what you're talking about. Just because your supposed girlfriend didn't tell anyone doesn't mean that for him he won't. Just because everything went fine and dandy for you doesn't mean it will for him. If it were that simple then STDs and pregnancy wouldn't be the huge problem it is now. Your whole story could be made up for all we know.

You're only 14 and haven't even grown up yet. Try getting a bit older and understand life before you encourage kids to have sex when they don't know what they're doing. You're not helping him at all.
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