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Default Military Draft, Good Bad?

So i was watchin CNN w/ my dad and there was a Rep. (i forget his name, but he was an African-American Representative) and he was talking on the situation of how the U.S. Army is becoming very thin as more and more soldiers are deciding to leave once they are able to. The Rep. talking brought up a very good point that's very interesting. The idea of a draft has been floating around the news, its obviously not going to happen anytime soon if it does, but this man has a very good veiw. He supports the idea of the draft right now because he thinks it will bring an end to the war. His theory is the war is being faught by the poor, basically because high ranking gov't officials, CEO's, high class people, etc. wont have their children sent over to possibly die in a war, but at the same time they support the war. He feels that once a draft comes about, all these people that currently support the war will demand that the war be stopped in responce to the threat of their children being sent to the front lines. Although these people support the war, once there is a threat that their children will be sent to war (and a draft means U HAVE TO GO. nobody can get by it, unless u know what ur doing. and of course our current president and vice president both got around the draft by joining the reserves during the time of Vietnam...god bless america) they will demand that the war be stopped. and with many very influential people demanding a stop to the war, the war will end. this is his theory and i really like it
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