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Unhappy Stoneys/whatever u call it..HELP

Hey guys.

Well im 16 now(well in a month)

I have lots of pubic hair/arm and hair over my stomic just started.

I have been j/o since i was 14(ya started a bit late )

But now my problem is, I have stoneys(its these stuff under my tits, like a rock or something(lol) . Well all my friends have had stoneys(thats what we call it, but they had it for a VERY short time like a month or so. But i have had it since i was 13!!!! its been 3years now and its still there. Im sick of it now. My tits stand out-- not like a girls(mostly what pisses me off :/), and it hurts if u press on it.(well it doesnt really show if i have a shirt on, but if i take it off...well.....yeah :/

(im not fat)

I feel REALLY embarresed about this. Did u guys also have this? any help please.
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