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Originally Posted by nwshc
um... Ya, drug dealers are dirty. There is no way you watch cop shows. The cops are in a car and they are going to make a drug bust. The dealer gets dirty and pulls a gun on the cop and tells him to give him the money. Usualy the cop stalls long enough before his cop friends come over and they get shoot. Sometimes they do get away with the money.

And the kid having $50,000 was a hypothetical question you tard.
Where did you get the idea that a few incidents on TV reflects the majority? That's called sterotyping.

Yes, all drug dealers are dirty, and carry guns and live in dark alleys.

I have yet to meet a dirty one, or one that is terribly offensive or mean. Does this then mean that all drug dealers are nice, well groomed and heart warming people? No, but it certinaly doesn't mean they are all violent and carry guns. Both are sterotypes, and both are inaccurate.

Drug dealers can be anyone, and anyone can be violent or purchase a firearm, it's purely down the individual. If someone starts to deal drugs, it doesn't mean they automatically buy a firearm and suddenly turn from a passive normal person (or whatever) into an extremly violent fugitive with a gun who wants your money!

Murderers are violent people, violent people are violent. Drugs are not violent, drugs + violent people = violence.

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