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Actually i've known a tonne of drug dealers, and i've yet to meet one that wanted to sell me crack or heroin.

It's not completly unlikely that this kid has tried these drugs, but it seems very far fetched. And don't be fooled, just because there is a violent incident in a cop programme, doesn't mean it fully reflects the majority.

I've seen a housewife on that programme get out of her car and attack a police officer, being very violent and offensive. Does that mean that all housewives attack policemen? I doubt it.

Drug dealers do want peoples business, but like the rest of us, they are no different mentally, really. They aren't all ruthless criminals with historys of violence that want your money, and are willing to shoot you for it, or sell hard drugs to 13 year olds.

Many of them are upstanding citizens, with families and jobs, and only sell to people who are their friends. Likewise, most drug dealers that kids get drugs from (contrary to the sterotype of a shadowy figure in an alley) are actually the same age.

From personal experiance, i've met a few drug dealers that rip you off and just want your money. However others ive met are good business men and are honest about their drugs. When i bought some speed for hte first time, the dealer instructed me on how to take it safely (orally) and what to expect when it hits me, and where to be when i take it. We joked about and i left.

My regular cannabis dealer, doesn't pull a gun on me and take my money, infact if he wants my money on a regular basis, he will be my bitch slave. or so it seems, the subtle manipulation works both ways.

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