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Default Re: MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

it sounds like you are resenting everything going on around you. (the situations you are placed in, the problems your dad has, having to help out, etc). and that is totally normal because you are a kid and you should be out having fun and hanging out with your friends doing whatever you like to do to have fun. and that sucks that you can't really do that, it really does. and it sucks that you don't have the finances to do things or have things that you want too.

but i think your dad sees that you are depressed (like you said) and he is trying to make you feel better. your situation sucks. but you have to try and make the best of it. i know that sounds stupid and something you probably don't want to hear. but it's true.

try to maybe play board games with your dad, so he and you can both have fun. think of things that you guys can do together that you both would enjoy. just try and make things as fun as possible and maybe things won't be as tough.

and if things get so bad see if you can't talk to a school counselor or another trusted adult. talking about things help. try it out.

good luck with things.
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