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@ Confusion

Now you're succeeding in making yourself look like an arse. Which, last time I checked, isn't a good think. Settle down, I know this stuff gets fiery, but there's no need to continue a flame war - it's only going to get worse as it continues.

But, referring to the general gist of your post, the bible is there to explain how things occurred aswell. The Creation, the Fall, the Flood... all explained. Language? Got that too. The Promised Land? Yup. All religion is an explaination no matter how you look at it.

And agnosticism is a way of thought, not a religion. If you're an agnostic theist, that's the thing - you aren't CONVICTED in your beliefs that there is a God. Agnosticism is simply the belief that we cannot know the metaphysical. Atheism is a disbelief in the metaphysical. There are no denominations, only tendencies towards one way or the other, and none of us claim to each other "Oh, hey, Agnostic Atheism is better because it's RIGHT" because none of our "denominations" are diametrically opposed, hell - they're basically all the same, with some semantics thrown in.

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