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If you have read anyother posts i have made, i am all for Bush. The war ect. im all for. But not what hes doing with the boarder.

How are they tightening the borders? I havent seen anything. All i have seen is the Minuetmen out in texas, but they were not sent out by Bush. Those are people that feel as though that Bush is not protecting them and they are doing it themselves.

Sure Bush has the new plan that any American that has gone out of the country, in order to come back in they have to have a passport, but that is not going into effect untill 2008. But that still wont solve the problem of all of the holes in the border walls and fences.

Yes, there are canadians that do comeing. Surtainly not as much as the Mexicans but there are still some Canadians that come in.
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