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Originally Posted by Apparitions View Post
You didn't insult me, you just looked kind of stupid. Obviously I wasn't being serious when I implied that you weren't modest (if you had a brain/any kind of sense of humour you'd recognise this but then again you are a theist so I probably should have expected that). I said you were a mental because that's how you come across to me on this thread with your boring, rambling tl;dr posts. Again, stop being such a fucking crybaby, man the fuck up and stop being so serious. Instead of moaning, why not try and come up with some kind of witty retort?

Anyway, /argument. Let's get back to business. I read a very good post on religion on a football (soccer to you...) forum I go on and I think that it could provide some good shit to debate on here. Click here to read it (it's a bit long but well worth reading.)

First of all it's football to me as well. Second of all, it's better to come up with rambling boring posts than to come up with idiotic, rude, judgemental shit which has no fuckin sense at all(like you do), IDIOT. You give atheists a bad name. But then again I'm wasting time with you.

And another thing. If you want to believe in Zeus etc, DO SO by all means. Greek/norse mythology was there to provide explanations for things that we can now explain by science. However, the Bible is not there to try to explain how lightning happens. There is that God created the world in 7 days. Did he? WHO CARES? The bible is NOT a geographical/historical/cultural book. It is a religious book, the religious message is important. Other elements aside from the religious message are trivial and can be ignored.

And another thing, I've noted that here on this site, agnostics and atheists group together. MA che MERDA e questa? Atheists and agnostics are not the same. Agnostics are supposed to be in between; their beliefs are neither like those who form part of religion (Christianity, Islam etc) nor those who practise atheism. And another thing, you think that only Christianity has denominations. In a way even 'agnosticism' has denominations if you want. There are 'agnostic theists' , 'agnostic atheists', just 'agnostics'. So tell me, which one of them is true?

And again, if there's no difference between Zeus, zombies and God, then agnostics, those who neither believe nor disbelieve there is a God, should also be agnostics to zombies and Zeus. Why don't you go and ask someone who neither believes nor disbelieves there is a God, why he is agnostic to God but not to unicorns? There's no need to ask me when you can ask one of your FELLOW agnostics.

And anyway, this to all of you: I didn't read half of all your posts. All you do is offend and spew shit. Do what you want. Your can do whatever you fuckin want. If you want to be atheist, agnostic, christian, suck dicks, GO AHEAD. Nothing changes for me. Whether you're atheists or anything else makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to me. I mean, do what you want man. Who cares? It was a mistake to come involved in a debate where I try to prove something to someone when I don't need to prove anything to anyone for my life and my beliefs. When, really and truly I don't give a fuck about what you think about my religion.

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