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Unhappy Please someone help me :(

Yesterday, i was out with my 2 Girl friends (Not as in girl friends, just they are my female friends). One of them, i really liked and had known her for ages, she didnt know. We sat at the park and we started talking about stuff and asking all these dumb harmless questions until we got the answer to a question from the one i liked that her and her ex (who is my mate also, they had just broken up) had gone extremely deep into things. I hit me so hard knowing what they had done, knowing that i loved her. I started to cry, calmed down and spoke to her, i calmed down and we walked home. Later that day, i told her how i felt towards her, she said shes glad i can tell her and that she doesnt think any less of me for saying it. Then that night i couldnt sleep, i just kept thinking over what i was told. I have tried getting help from my best friends this morning yet i am not getting anywhere, even she knows how i feel.. What do i do to get over this.

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