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Unhappy I know this will sound weird, but...

i'm in sixth grade (failed a year), and i'm an early bloomer. i started puberty when i was about 10,(13 now) and have observed that 100% of my classmates are different. their voice, their appearance, their size, everything else different from mine.

now that i've said that, here is my problem. in gym, we are required to take showers, and i notice my penis (which is about 5.5 when erect, never measured it while not erect.) is bigger than everybody elses, and i have pubes, which nobody has yet.

(Geting to problem...) now... i know this sounds freaking crazy, but i get aroused while thinking of my male classmates. am i like one of those sick people on the news that have sex with children????? am i a freak???? why is this happening???

help plz!!!

edit: its not all my classmates, its just the really young and small ones with underdeveloped genitals... i know, i sound like some sort of whacko...

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