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hello everyone just thought i'd try to introduce myself.
my name is mary i'm 15 and i've been a cutter for about 5 years now,
i've been dealing with multiple eating disorders for a little over 6,
as well as depression and anxiety issues and of course, what teen doesn't have them, anger and rage problems. i am now home schooled cuz i can't deal with the stress of public schools. i have a 19 year old brother, a 23 year old half sister , and a 26 year old half brother but i don't speakem to my half brother. i'm of course the youngest at 15. i've attempted suicide countless times, i've tried theripy,and over 5 differant kinds of meds and they've all worked but only for short periods of time.

i'm a very easy person to talk to so if anyone ever needs to talk please feel free.
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