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Default Re: Can I change this?

you know im 14 and sometimes i still think im gay. but sometimes not maybe your time hasn't come yet. but they are alot of people that have no desire for sex. most people must just try to hide it and force themselves against their will. like i know this man that was gay but in married and has 2 kids i know the kids one of them is gay and the other one is straight but if i was gay i would love a man right!!! i say not to force your selves because of what your "friends" think if they are really your frein they will understand. oh and i knew a preacher that was asexual he said that as a kid he had no desire in sex so he began to dtudy the bible. they are many things in life apart from haveing nasty cum dripping sex right? and if you beleive in god then y would he make asexuals if they had no meaning on earth?

i didn't like a girl untill one actually me so maybe you just havent met that some one. i don't know maybe you might fall in love with another asexuall person lol.

look at the bright side you have no distractions at school.

try this site i don't know how much it will help
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