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Originally Posted by Maxxie View Post
I'm going to pose a question, though.

Why did God have those draconic laws that Jesus needed to abolish in the first place?
He just suddenly decided he'll be more considerate, because we all know it makes sense to go from sending bears to maul children to fucking a virgin in order to give birth to yourself and go through a shit load of pain just so you can forgive everyone else for it later on.

But really, the answers people will give you for that are along the lines of 'it's the Old Testament and we don't believe that was the same God' which again is flawed, or 'he was angry with all the sinning, corruption, animosity and our carelessness, so on, henceforth it was failure after failure after failure after failure that he decided he'll come down in human form to save people. That, by human sacrifice too.

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The Virgin Mary.... might have sucked a dick or two in high school....
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