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I'm going to pose a question, though.

Why did God have those draconic laws that Jesus needed to abolish in the first place? That, above almost all, seems ridiculous. The only reason the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin persecuted him was because he was going AGAINST every single blasted law prescribed to them by God (through Moses). So, instead of going "Oh, this is bad" and retconning history, or simply using his almighty Will to change the laws and the stances of Pharisees/Sanhedrin, he had to send Jesus of Nazereth to die in such an agonizing way for our sins, even though that was proper protocol for blasphemers and impersonators of God.

And Jesus wasn't the only one who died on a cross. If you will remember the 2.000 crucified in Tyre by Alexander III of Macedon for simply resisting conquest, the (probably) millions crucified for standing up for their people by the Roman Empire. Hell, crucifixion was COMMON until Constantine abolished it in 337 AD. If we're all God's children, what makes Jesus special?

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